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Guardian Telematics Air Quality Data

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Integration details

Data product description

This API is created as part of the project that concerns the development of the Vertical Industrial Solution "Smart City - Environment", in the framework of "Pleione: Pleiades Internet of Everything", launched by the "Pleiades-IoT Cluster".

The objective of the project is the creation of a single imaging system for the visualisation of meteorological and environmental data measurements, with the combined use of sensor networks and related data sources collected locally in the urban fabric.

The "Environmental Data Monitoring System", by collecting this data, constitutes a pillar of information and information with the ultimate aim of taking measures for the efficient management of resources, the design of infrastructures that will promote more sustainable development and the improvement of the quality of life of citizens, especially those living near urban centres.

To achieve the project's objective, the System leverages new low-power IoT technology networks, such as the public 0G network and autonomous sensors without the need for electrification, so that the proposed data collection can be carried out with the smallest possible carbon footprint with efficient use of energy and computing resources.

The data can be used for the following purposes:

  • Monitoring air quality within the centre of a large city/municipality.
  • The assessment of the amount and level of air pollution by the municipality.
  • The active and continuous information of citizens about the level of pollution through an open monitoring channel (portal) as part of the transparency of the project.
  • The knowledge and information of the citizens and the municipality about sustainable breathing conditions in the city centre.
  • The assessment and evaluation of the risk and level of this risk from the prevailing air pollution by a reputable scientific body.
  • The improvement of the quality of life and respiratory conditions in the city centre.
  • The protection of the health of the citizens.
  • Publication of the results of the air pollution risk assessment

Data size

Data generated from multiple sensors located in Greece

Data sources

IoT hardware

Data attributes

id, time, latitude, longitude, pm1, pm2.5, pm4, pm10, ambientNoise, s02 + 7 more ...

Data frequency

Capturing frequency:
Per minute
Transmission frequency:
Per minute

Geographical coverage




Temporal availability

  • Historical